The Differentiator Revisited

The Differentiator

The Differentiator began around 1940 under the editorship of E.A. Larsen of Seattle, Washington. it was:

"A Periodical devoted to reverent research of the Sacred Scriptures for the purpose of the upbuilding of the Body of Christ"

Sometime after 1950, the editorship was transferred to the team of Alexander Thomson of Edinburgh, Scotland and Major R.B Withers of Cornwall, England. Then in 1971 (after both Thomson & Withers had passed away), Cecil Blay of Woodley, England and Melvin Johnson of St. Paul, Minnesota began publishing Treasures of Truth which was in many ways a continuation of The Differentiator. Their run continued for several years.

This site is dedicated to the preservation and dissemination of the writings of the above publications, as well as other miscellaneous writings (both past and current) that are also devoted to the "upbuilding of the Body of Christ."


The Articles of Alexander Thomson

The Articles of Major R. B. Withers

Treasures of Truth

Acharith: The Latter Days

Scan of Differentiator Front Cover


A Deplorable Attitude (Larsen)
An Introduction to the Study of the Second Death (Larsen)
Attitudes (Larsen)
A Wicked Trinity (Larsen)
Consummation (Larsen)
Controversial Subjects (Larsen)
Does All Sin and Evil Issue Directly Out of God? (Larsen)
Do Those Who Say (Larsen)
God's Relation to Sin and Evil (Larsen)
Editorial Notes Sept. 1949 (Larsen)
On E.A. Larsen's View of God (Larsen)
Our Bodies - The Body of Christ (Larsen)
Readjustment (Larsen)
Sectism in New Garb (Larsen)
The "Bema" of Christ (Larsen)
"The Dispensation of the Grace of God" (Larsen)
Was the Kingdom of the "Old Testament" Postponed? (Larsen)
Sun, Moon and Stars (Larsen)
Does God heal Physical Infirmities? (Sheffield)
The Bible Doctrine of Grace (Smith)
Is God a Trinity? (Miller)
An Open Letter to Major R. B. Withers (Sheffield)
Prayer (French)
Strong and Weak Points of the Modern Reconciliation Movement (Mundell)
The Conciliation - What is it? (Meredith)
The Freedom of the Human Will (Meredith)
The Fullness of Time (Stephens)
The Snare and Condemnation of the Devil (Lambie)
The Supremacy of Subordinate Service (Pohorlak)
The Thessalonian Letters (McDivitt)
The Variety Department (Larsen)
Two Days Distinguished (McDivitt)
The Great Secret (Scranton)
Who is our Owner? (Farwell)
I Corinthians 15:28 (Graves)
Who was Jesus Christ (Aveling)
A Few Notes on Revelation 3:14 (Farwell)
The Light Side of the Moon (CMN)
Atonement (Steedman)
Greeks or Grecians (Steedman)
Psalm 1 (Steedman)
Psalm 2 (Steedman)
Psalm 3 (Steedman)
Psalm 4 (Steedman)
Psalm 5 (Steedman)
Psalm 6 (Steedman)
Psalm 7 (Steedman)
Psalm 8 (Steedman)
Who is He? (Burns)


The Differentiator Revisited 2009

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